• significantly for the time being due to the surge in the number of confirmed cases of Corona 19 in Korea.

    This is because the influx of foreign tourists is expected to drop significantly for the time being due to the surge in the number of confirmed cases of Corona 19 in Korea.


    Reflecting this, GKL shares have 27.3 percent over the past year and parada.Ease fell 10.1 percent. 바카라사이트 Kangwon Land, the only Korean in the country, saw its stock price plunge 24.4 percent in the past year.


    Kangwon Land's share price moved in the box-office range as it pays dividends steadily, although its growth is not fast due to government regulations.


    In fact, Kangwon Land had 61.37 percent of its cash dividend propensity as of the end of 2018. It means that more than half of its net profit will be returned to shareholders. Its performance is also steady.


    On a consolidated basis, Kangwon Land's annual net profit also rose 12.7 percent on-year to 335.1 billion won last year.


    Critics point out that even if growth has stagnated while annual sales remain at 1.5 trillion won, the fall in stock prices is excessive.


    Some analysts say that as investments in 'environment, society, and governance' (ESG) have spread, there has been a growing sense of avoidance.


    However, it is not noticeable where domestic investors announced that they would exclude sinful shareholders such as Kangwon Land.


    Not only does regular and occasional quarantine work on all business sites such as casinos, hotels, condos and waterworld, but employees disinfect the casino's slot machines and electronic tables every day.


    Chip used in casino games is undergoing high-intensity ultraviolet sterilization every day.

    Currently, Kangwon Land operates 15 thermal imaging cameras, while providing 3,700 hand sanitizers to all of its operations.


    An official from Kangwon Land said, "We have established a Corona 19 response system, such as moving quarantine rooms and reporting and handing over to health centers in case of suspicious patients," and added, "We are continuing to consult closely with health authorities in case of a situation."


    더킹카지노 stocks, called 'sinju' because of their negative impact on the entire society, are not gaining strength.


    The sinful man has a bad social image, but he guarantees steady performance with addiction, which leads to continuous inflow of investment. Casino stocks, however, have recently been hit hard by a drop in visitors following the Corona 19 incident.


    Foreign casinos were hit directly by a drop in Chinese tourists.
    GKL posted an annual operating profit of only 96.8 billion won last year, down 7.9 percent from a year earlier.


    Paradise saw its operating profit more than double from the previous year to 52 billion won last year. However, this is analyzed to be the base effect of China's plunge in its performance in 2017 when it issued a law that bans Korean culture.


    Paradise had an annual operating profit of 65.8 billion won in 2016, before the law was imposed. The problem is that foreign casino performance shows no signs of improvement in the future.

    Park Eun-kyung, a researcher at Samsung Securities Co., said in a report that there were no structurally worrisome elements in the fourth quarter of last year's earnings, but that the company will lower its earnings per share (EPS) by 5 percent this year compared to previous estimates, reflecting the Corona 19 impact.

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