• response to prevent the spread of infectious diseases at all of its operations, including casinos.

    Macau's 우리카지노 industry, the world's largest "gambling city," has faced a major crisis in 20 years.

    Macau marks the 20th anniversary of the return of its sovereignty from Portugal to China on the 20th.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping is also scheduled to attend the ceremony to mark the 20th anniversary of the return of sovereignty to Macau.

    With Macau's sovereignty returned to China, Macau's casino industry has grown leaps and bounds on the back of China's support.

    Macau overtook Las Vegas as the world's No. 1 casino city in 2006 as a large number of Chinese people seeking to enjoy casinos flocked to Macau as Beijing's policy outlaws the mainland's casino industry.

    Macau's casino industry slowed down briefly in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, but continued to grow, with sales more than three times higher than Las Vegas.

    As such, the Macau casino industry, which has enjoyed high growth for 20 years since the return of its sovereignty, is facing a serious crisis this year, Bloomberg News reported Thursday, citing casino industry experts.

    Macau's casino industry earnings are forecast to fall 3 percent this year, according to a Bloomberg News survey of casino industry experts.

    It is the first time since 2016 that Macau's casino industry has seen a drop in profits. Experts predict that the Macau casino industry will continue to rise just 3 percent next year.

    On the reason why the Macau casino industry has been put on hold, experts interpret it as a result of a combination of the slowdown in the Chinese economy, the U.S.-China trade war, and the exodus of "big hands" from the development of casino industries in Vietnam and other countries besides Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests.

    "We've squeezed all the juice out of the orange," said David Bonnet, an analyst at Bloomberg. "Macao is now beginning to resemble more mature casino markets like Las Vegas and Atlantic City in the United States."

    Experts say that the biggest reason the Macau casino industry has hit its limits is because large hands, called "VIP," have moved their strongholds to emerging casino cities in Southeast Asia.

    Sun City Holdings, a Hong Kong casino group, began building a large casino resort in Vietnam earlier this year.

    Ben Lee of game industry consulting firm IGamiX said after visiting the construction site of Sun City Holdings' casino in Vietnam that the casino resorts in Macau will be devastated.

    Furthermore, experts say that Japan's passage of a bill in July last year to allow Koreans to enter casinos will also pose a threat to the Macau casino industry.

    Experts predict the passage of the bill will make Japan the second casino industrial hub in Asia after Macau.

    Earlier on the 2nd, Macau's casino industry supervisor, Game Supervision and Coordination Bureau, said that Macau's casino companies' profits in November this year were 22.9 billion patacas (about 3.455 trillion won), down 8.5% from a year earlier.

    Kangwon Land announced on the 21st that it has upgraded the level of response to the infectious disease prevention and response system in casinos to the highest level, "serious," in line with the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

    As a result, the company has significantly strengthened its response to prevent the spread of infectious diseases at all of its operations, including casinos.

    From that day on, it made it mandatory for all customers entering 바카라사이트 to wear.


    Even after entering the casino, the company will take off its mask inside its business site or immediately exit unless it responds to an employee's request to wear a mask.


    Employees facing customers must also wear masks.

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