• Aggressive marketing for the second half of the year and resulting increased costs are a natural step.

    Its subsidiary The 바카라사이트 listing on NASDAQ is also expected to be a boon for the time being as it contributes to the expansion of the company's appearance.

    According to IB industry sources, The 8 Games, a subsidiary of Double U Games, is reportedly preparing to be listed on the U.S. Nasdaq next year.

    Although it has been known that it has been preparing to be listed on the KOSDAQ, the value evaluation of social casino companies on NASDAQ is even higher.

    The success of the NASDAQ entry is expected to increase the value of the Double U Games.

    However, some say that the growth rate of sales and operating profit will not be high in the second half as the growth rate of sales and operating profit continues to fall.

    Doubled U Games had continued to post double-digit sales growth through the previous quarter.

    In the second quarter, however, it showed only a single-digit growth rate. It also posted an operating profit growth of 16.9 percent, marking the first growth of less than 20 percent since the third quarter of 2017.

    On top of that, it is predicted that increased marketing costs in the second half of this year will also be a burden. Aggressive marketing for the second half of the year and resulting increased costs are a natural step.

    It is also known that the company will officially launch My Card, a prepaid payment card, in Taiwan in the third quarter, which will inevitably incur initial marketing costs.

    In addition, the fact that there are no new games other than major games such as Double Down Casino and Double U Casino is also considered a limitation.

    Attention is focusing on whether the Double U Games, which is writing a new history of social casino games, will be able to make a leap in the second half.

    According to industries on the 25th, sales of Double U Games increased 9.4% year-on-year to 129.9 billion won in the second quarter of this year. It is the highest level ever.

    Operating profit also jumped 16.9 percent on-year to 40.3 billion won during the same period.

    Its flagship games "Double U Casino" and "Double Down Casino" grew 7.2 percent and 10.1 percent on-year, respectively, to lead its performance, while sales of other games such as Fort Knox also rose 17.7 percent on-year and 7.4 percent on-quarter, contributing to its improved performance.

    On top of that, despite the continuous decrease in the off-season Web sector, the mobile sector helped improve its performance by adding steady growth. In the second quarter, mobile user payments rose 16.5 percent to 90.1 billion won, according to the company.

    The fact that the average exchange rate rose by 4 percent in the second quarter from the first quarter also positively affected overseas consolidated sales.

    Duble U Games, a local game company well known for its "Social Casino Game Master," has been on the rise recently. This is because social casino games, which cannot be serviced in the domestic market, are popular in global markets such as the United States.

    Social casino games refer to a comprehensive casino game where you can enjoy various kinds of slot machine games and card games. The advantage is that you can enjoy it in real time and enjoy it without difficulty because the game method is simple.

    Although it is not being serviced at home due to concerns over promoting gambling, it has become one of the most popular genres overseas

    Double U Games' flagship "Double U-Casino" is gaining popularity from millions of overseas users in more than 120 countries, ranking seventh in overall game popularity and fourth in casino game popularity on Facebook's app chart.

    In 2017, he even rose to second place in the industry by acquiring social casino game developer DoubleDown Interactive. It is the company's plan to become the world's No. 1 player in the field of social casino games by 2022.

    The industry expects the growth of Double U Games to continue in the second half of this year. The second half of the year is a peak season where various events such as Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas are usually held. This indicates that sales will increase more than current levels.

    In addition, 우리카지노 profits are expected to increase through the launch of new game slots and the expansion of the "Mega Bugs Jackpot Feature."

    In late April, Double U Games introduced Megabugs Jackpot features in the double-down casino game for the first time in the industry. Megabucks Jackpot features

    connect slot machines from various regions to accumulate the amount of each machine's game and pay all the prize money accumulated in the case of Jackpot at

    once. It is popular with users because they can expect a large amount of prize money.

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