• admitted to receiving money from a Chinese company that wanted to participate in the project.

    NHK reported on the 6th that Mikio Shimoji, a member of the Japanese Yushin Association who was involved in a corruption scandal involving the 더킹카지노 business, admitted to receiving money from a Chinese company that wanted to participate in the project.

    Shimoji held a press conference in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, his constituency, and confessed that his office staff received 1 million yen (1.83 million won) in campaign funds from one of the advisors of a Chinese company three years ago.

    Shimoji, among Japanese lawmakers involved in the alleged corruption in the complex resort business, including casinos, admitted that she received money from a Chinese company called which has been lobbying to win IR business rights for the first time.

    All four members of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) who stated that they gave the money to former adviser of 500 who was arrested along with Tsukasa Akimoto, a former Liberal Democratic Party member, who was arrested on April 25 for taking bribes at 닷, deny that they did not receive the money.

    After arresting Akimoto, the Japanese prosecution conducted a random investigation into Shimoji, a member of the Yushin Association, and four LDP lawmakers, who stated that the former advisor to provided 1 million yen each.

    Shimoji explained at a press conference that the office staff did not fill out the receipt because the former adviser of , who provided 1 million yen in campaign funds, refused to accept the receipt, and that the report on political funds was also omitted.

    Japan's law on political funds prohibits foreigners or foreign corporations from donating political funds.

    Japanese prosecutors are expanding their probe into alleged irregularities involving the casino business, one of the key policies of the Shinzo Abe administration.

    If the allegations surrounding the casino business turn out to be true, it could potentially escalate into a controversy over the morality of the Abe administration.

    Paradise said Thursday that it has banned Chinese group tourists from entering the country since April 28. Paradise operates foreigner-only casinos in Seoul, Incheon, Busan and Jeju. From Friday, the company has set up a task force on Wuhan pneumonia.

    Access restrictions are only for Chinese group tourists. An official from Paradise said, "Individual tourists are monitored by thermal imaging sensors, and access is restricted.

    "We have restricted the entry of group tourists to China shortly after the Chinese government imposed a ban on group tours," he said.

    Grand Korea Leisure Co., which operates foreigner-only casinos at COEX in southern Seoul, Hilton in northern Seoul and Lotte in Busan, also banned Chinese group tourists from entering the country late last month. Group tourists account for about 17 percent of GKL Casino' GKL Casino has also set up a task force to cope with the U.S.-Korea conflict.

    Following the record-high performance in the first quarter of the year by Double U Games, the second 우리카지노 also achieved not bad results. As the traditional peak season of social casino games is crowded in the second half of the year, and the Nasdaq listing of its subsidiary The 8 Games is also expected, attention is being paid to whether it will be able to explode the "Jackpot."

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